The Women’s River Camp is located in Ontario, Canada the facility located on the water is connected to 8 great lakes and a river the water depths vary and are known for many fish species such as walleye, northern pike,yellow perch, lake trout and bass. The camp believe in catch and release if the fish is over 18” long for walleye the most sought after fish species according to local anglers. After half a day of fishing enjoy a shore lunch which according to the camp is where anglers can clean prep and cook the fresh days catch at one of the many sites around the lake with tables, chairs and fire pits or a propane cooker. At the Fish House on site you can take a lesson in removing certain bones out of the northern pike fish and proper storage which they will be glad to store in the freezer until you are ready to leave. If you have caught a large fish and must release it back into the waters because of conservation efforts, the camp has artists who can create a replica of your caught fish just take a picture of it and the fish artist will bring it back to life for you that you can keep forever as a trophy. For more information visit womanriver.com



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