Surf Tips for Beginners and How to Stay Safe when Surfing


Learning to surf is easy, and most schools near the coast will offer some kind of surfing classes or training camps. At these camps, you will learn some of the basic steps to surfing that can’t be taught over the World Wide Web. However, although you might learn how to stand on a board, or how to paddle, you may not learn some of the other tips which could help you to manage your time in the water safely, and surf with confidence and the support of others.

Choosing a perfect location

if you have never been on a surfboard before, then you might not know that some places are better than others for learning. Surfers who are just starting out need to find waves which are slow, with a sandy beach to ensure your comfort during the long periods off the board. You will also want to avoid large crowds of surfers since they are likely to resent your presence and you might be a hazard to them. However, you should also not surf in an isolated spot – just in case you need some help.
Be Prepared.

you need to know a lot about how to surf before you start out in the water. A number of inexperienced Surf Groms have gone into the water for the first time looking at a small wave, only to see it getting bigger and bigger until it becomes a wall of water. You can get tired trying to cope with these waves if you have no experience, so it makes sense to be prepared.

Take the time to look at the waves. When they are coming in at waist height, take the time to look for half-an-hour or so to make sure you know exactly where the suitable waves are, and where they are going. Look out for other surfers, so you don’t collide with them when going for your chosen wave, and make sure you have the right equipment. Go close to where the wave should go, then get on the surfboard, and paddle slowly in the direction of the shore until the wave reaches you. As the wave hits you, hang on and try to ride the board to the beach.


If you are thinking about giving surfing a try as your new water sport than here are a few tips to keep in mind. While you should know the obvious like swimming it is recommended to take a few surf lessons before you give it a whirl. The surf lessons will teach you techniques for standing, catching the wave and riding it home. The lessons also go over safety techniques what to do if you find yourself in a certain water situation and what to look for and watch out for while in the water and before entering the water. It is recommended that beginner surfers don’t invest a lot of money into a new board being that the sport after all my not be cut out for you. It is recommended that you shop for a used boat or rent a board since at the beginning new surfers put their board through a lot of abuse while learning how to use their boards. A foam board is ideal for beginners, they are light weight and won’t scrap or knock you out while learning the sport. The standard size board is 9’ long but if you are a short person a 6’ would be ideal.



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