How to Paddle on a Surfboard the Right Way and Improving Swim Strokes


You feel out of breath in the early minutes of your standard surf session. Feel pain in your arms. You are definitely not alone in the world of surfing. Wether you are escaping from a crazy set of paddling in a little , mushy summer wave, you need to train your lungs and your arms. Maintaining the correct body position on a surfboard is another must. Do you have a stand up paddle ( SUP ) ? Maybe you should get one, using SUP will strengthen your biceps, triceps and your shoulder. It is endurance paddle training. If you live near a swimming pool , try from one house intensive training two times a week with, short and fast sprint. After a while you`ll gain more speed per stroke.
With extended arms and open torso you need to focus on determined , deep stroke with your full physical commitment. Fingers must be decisive. Believing that closed fingers are more effective, new study has a different winning formula. Science has proved that the optimal width between fingers is 20-40 percent. Timing is critical. Please, be sure your to not cause drag, for your paddling arm, you need to bend your elbow, lift your chest, push you body up. you will realize that your hip is almost touching your bend by the end of the stroke. Once your body will be perfectly aligned on the surfboard, you will notice that you’re paddling much faster, one stroke at a time, you will also develop muscle memory. When you see the wave, be ready for an extra boost, maintain balance over the board and perform down chest movement in the critical pop-up moment. Remember not to lift the chest too much, the surfboard `s tail will end up sinking in the water causing drag. Finally, while you are surfing in small wave conditions, get yourself an extra paddle before popping up. Don’t do this on a big wave, otherwise , you will be too fast for the steep drop.



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