There are many baits to choose from but if you don’t have a live bait fishermen might opt for a soft or hard artificial bait instead. While opinions differ over which one works best it is really a personal matter of preference and what fish species you are trying to catch as well. Over all I have found that soft baits have a majority lead it has been said that hard baits lasts longer in the tackle box and are mostly handcrafted so angler can appreciate the craftsmenship that get put into them. Soft bait is lighter in weight and is less expensive than hard baits, but if you use a lot of them the costs can add up either way. Not that long ago manufactures started combining the two types of baits by making the body hard and the tails soft known as hybrids. Some fishermen say that the soft bait is easier to maneuver and doesn’t get caught in vegetation as much as hard baits d, I guess it really depends on where you’re fishing at the time. Both types of baits can be stored in tackle boxes or bags alike.


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