Many tropical fish collectors or traders hire special divers to catch these colorful small exotic fish. The tropical exotic fish are mainly used in home or office aquariums or to be sold privately to fish collectors around the globe. These special fish are mainly found around coral reefs and while most fishermen are after the big gigantic trophy fish these small beauties are left untouched or even sought after. When catching the tropical fish collectors usually try to get the smallest size they can so that they will grow and last longer in the owners tank. Unless a collector or fish trader is requesting a specific size or species. Divers have to go to and by the coral reefs with a net with a handle to capture these fish and be very careful in doing so as you don’t want to damage the reef or there natural habitat. Once in the net some divers will keep the fish in a plastic jar with holes in the lid to let the water flow through and put it in a waterproof backpack while you continue to catch the other fish. These tropical fish sometimes hide in the reefs so with a lobster stick you can help them to come out of hiding. By: Mari Dmowski SL Outdoor Magazine

The Tetraodontidae is a species and are commonly called a whole bunch of nicknames like blowfish, pufferfish, bubble fish, toadfish and more. According to the Wikipedia website most of these fish are toxic while in other parts of the world lille Japan they are considered a delicacy. These fish have little teeth and blow up when they are crushing their prey in the stomach to crush the shell or bones or when they are out of water. These fish prey on claims, squid, shrimp and chum, some blowfish are brownish, yellowish or olive color and some have what look like little spikes on their skin. Blowfish are generally small in size and can be around ten inches in length, they are not fast swimmers and moves by moving tail fin back and fourth. Since these fish have the ability to blow themselves up the scare away their predators fast and even give new fishermen a little shock. Kids get a real kick out of the blowfish they are funny looking and make funny grunting noises when out of the water. Mari Dmowski

Blowfish are a unique species for sure they look like regular fish until mess with them then they blow up literally. The blowfish has a defense mechanism to scare off predators that try to attack them, they gulps air and his body becomes pumped up like a ballon. It is quite funny to witness in person out of the water and they can make a hissing noise as well while on land or in the boat. The blowfish have rough outer skin and their meat inside is a delicacy who knew, all white meat and non poisonous so it can be eaten according to some others disagree. Angler has said that once the blow fish has been cleaned the meat looks like a chicken leg this is how the nickname came about chicken of the sea. Blowfish can be caught easily they congregate in shallow waters by sandy flats and near channel edges and small piers. The blowfish eat clams and shrimp so frozen or fresh will do the job. Drop the line keeping it tight in and around five to ten feet deep waters where the current is moving. In some counties in Fl blowfish catching is prohibited and eating is also discouraged.


Eels are predators and there are over 800 species, these mysterious fish have elongated bodies and full grown eels can weigh as much as 25 kg or 55 lbs. according to Wikipedia. Eels live in shallow waters and dig in the waters bottom sand floor, eels are generally nocturnal creatures. Eels can live in fresh or salt water, some fishermen report using eels to catch big bass live eels can be bought at bait shops. Eels look like snakes and are slimy when handling the eels to bait them on the hook use gloves or a cotton cloth to grip the eel then hold them by the neck and hook them up by the mouth area. Eel hold up well in a cooler so transporting them to you’re fishing destination will be easy if kept on ice they slow down then once the water speed up again. If you want to catch your own eels to use as bait try using night carpers, oily cut bait and even chicken livers have been reported to work as an eel attractor. Eels range in colors from greens, yellowish – brown to black with white bellyies, eels can also be captured by using an eel trap typically made out of metal and heavy gauge wire netting.


In the ocean there are pretty looking stars known as star fish, but in actuality star fish are fish at all, echinoderms which are marine invertebrates, scientist refer to them as sea stars. Starfish are meat eaters and they particularly enjoy oyster and mussels according to an article in Daily The star fish spends most of its time eating or searching for food it has a small mouth on it’s belly area one could say. The starfish have no problem extracting the mussels or bodies out of shell fish like snails, starfish swim in large groups called swarms. When swarms target a certain area on the ocean’s floor it will be left bare when the starfish have passed through. Starfish live an average of thirty-five years and there are over 2000 different starfish species in the oceans across the globe. The star fish community has dropped in recent years an ocean water virus spread to certain species of starfish and killed thousands of the starfish according to an article in the National Geographic magazine.


Piranha fish live in fresh waters like rivers in the South America, they are part of the characidae fish family and are omnivorous according to the Wikipedia website. Piranhas are notoriously known for the sharp teeth and strong jaws, the exact number of piranha species is unknown. Piranhas are from the Amazon waters, but have been found in other countries mostly likely brought over by fish traders. Piranhas are normally on the small size and are carnivores because of their sharp teeth and jaws they are able to shred prey literally apart. So, how do anglers catch this fish? In the Amazon locals are not scared of this fish they actually eat them they are gutted and bones removed and made in soups or just grilled since they are carnivore eating fish they are a good source of protein. Local just put some raw meat on a wood stick and wait for the piranha to bit them just life the stick out of the water and put the piranha in a bucket others use a super heavy duty hook and nylon lines, piranhas travel in schools so anglers have said that you usually get more than one at a time.



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