FishyWraps Premium Boat Wraps


FishyWraps is here to help boaters with any boat wrapping needs. Wraps don’t only look cool, but they also protect your boat. Boat wraps don’t fade, so no buffing or waxing is needed in a wraps lifetime. A boat wrap will save you time and money. FishyWraps serves the U.S. with providing quality wraps for all boaters and helps them save money on regular maintenance, while growing their team, brand, company or simply changing the color of their boat. FishyWraps is trusted in providing quality materials for all wrap types ranging from boat names to boat wraps. FishyWraps uses professional local artists to design the perfect wrap for you no matter where you are. Pricing will vary on the complexity of the design. Many customers choose to simply change the color of their boat due to the great benefits. One benefit of a color change wrap is that it protects the original paint/gelcoat. Get a quote at



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