In Florida, we have a large surfing community from the North down to the South and all up and down the coastline, if you will be visiting Florida or just traveling to a certain part of FL rest assured that you will be able to find a surf shop and school near by. Florida has a few hot spots that surfers flock too such as Sebastian, myrtle beach, Jupiter, Cocoa Beach and Melbourne just to name a few. While Florida, waves may not be massive unless there is a storm on the horizon, good decent waves are a feasible. Whether you’re visiting Miami or Melbourne you can always take up a refresher surfing course or class. The classes will teach you new techniques, cut backs, aerials, water safety and prevention including ocean and some marine life education. Marine life is especially important in Florida as we have one of the most important Eco-systems on the planet including coral reefs, the Everglades and others. Certain marine life should be avoided if possible when surfing such as jelly fish the surf lessons will educate you on what to look for and the signs from the water.


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