In South Florida it is very popular to schedule a SUP lesson or tour, there are a variety of tours to choose from such as a marine life tour where you can come up close to Florida’s native manatee mammal species, dolphins and a host of marine birds. Paddlers can also choose from a sunrise tour sit and soak up the fresh morning rays while right on the water. If you like to be on the water when the sun goes down try out a glow tour where the paddle board is illuminated right below your feet all the waters are glowing with colors all while taking in the moonlight. Paddlers can experience the tour as a group or with just the paddle guide, on a clear day paddlers can experience clear blue waters and in shallow waters see star fish or sting rays on the waters floor. The tours are generally 1.5 – 2 hours long depending on what you choose and there are several locations to choose from, if you choose Peanut Island you could see a sea turtle and stop off and snorkel in preserved natural lagoon there. By: Mari Dmowski


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