North Florida a Hot Surf Spot


North Florida a Hot Surf Spot

It is known that there are certain surf hot spots in the fun in the sun state like the Sebastian Inlet, New Smyrna Beach or Miami, but while North FL is not often referred as among one of the popular surfing areas it very well could be. It is located between the Georgia border and Cape Canaveral seashore a well known tourist attraction that is home to the Kennedy Space Center. The Mayport Pole is here and offers great waves and a clean surf time, these water are not crowded and none would expect this is the mid northeast part of the state. The northern part of Florida is almost just a unique as the southern part of FL, they have a metropolitan city Jacksonville and the first historic town in the United States first settled by the Spaniards; St. Augustine. Then close by is also the party city Daytona Beach so if you are a surfer you can have a little of all these places up and down A1A including surf coastal towns and shops.

The surf crowd varies at each location, the city of Gainesville which is home to the university and many college students has a larger surf community so the beaches will be crowded. If you head a little more south between St. Augustine and the next few towns surfers can enjoy great peaks and practicually no one in site ideal for the loner or introverted surfer. The best days to avoid crowds and to surf are during the week days, as with any city always be mindful of your surroundings while shark attacks are not very common the water is still their home and we are visiting guests in their waters. Surfing seasons offer different peaks and waves that arise at different times of the year for example; in the summer months in May through July early morning risers catch the best waves, while mid day surfing can be flat surfing unfortunately. The water temps are warm and the sun is full throttle ahead so be sure to wear lots of sun block.

In the fall or autumn surf season you can usually catch the tailed end of hurricane season and most weather hurricane surf watchers follow this closely hoping for the epic season and swells that follow. But surfers should beware not all hurricanes are surfer friendly there are different categories of storms and can come with its own extras such as hail or lightening etc. There are also cold fronts to watch out for theses are great for producing swells, the cold air from the north makes its’ way south mixing with the warm air and abracadabra here come the swells. In the Spring between March and April the air is crisp and water is mostly clear and the water temp is lovely. By: SL Team Member Mari Dmowski



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