Best Places to Surf in California


Best Places to Surf in California

If you are looking into taking a surfing trip within the US and don’t want to travel as far as Hawaii the next best place is Southern California, this is the continental US surf capital. The southern part of Cali. has a mesmerizing beach coastline for approximately 185 miles stretching from Santa Barbara to San Diego, with plenty of hot surf spots all the way in between. Surfing is the states most practiced sport, there are many surf towns up and down the coast, with plenty of surf shops, surf restaurants, surf schools and everything surf in between. Southern California is a great place to take a surfing vacation with family and friends to get the real feel of the surfing culture at least a full week spent here is needed. This is a surfers paradise the ocean waves have high peaks and plenty of surfing hot spots to suffice, the surfing lifestyle and culture is alive and thriving here.

The most popular surf cities in Southern Cali. are Los Angles and San Diego surfers and surf learners and surf onlookers are here so crowds are inevitable, surfing trips are always in season here even if you visit in the winter months the surf is up with low tides surfers can explore the Rincon and have a variety of memorable surf ventures. Everyone talks about Malibu Beach and for good reason, the people are beautiful with sun kissed skin, the waves here are typically relaxed good for a beginner surfer plus the sand is pristine. If you are more of an experienced surfer say at the intermediate level make sure to visit the Zuma Beach, Topanga and Venice Beach here you will find quick and average height waves. Another good hot spot to visit for all levels is El Porto and Manhattan Beach, hosting medium size waves. If you are looking for protected waves look no farther than Seal Beach, here you will find a long sand stripe all surrounded by jetties which bring about SW waves. In the city of Huntington Beach waves are always available to ride there is a nice pier for onlookers to watch all the surfing activity taking place and waves are available on both sides of the pier.

If you want to take a break and have a milder experience body boarding is very common at the Wedge located in Newport Beach, the waves have a nice depth and are thin. Some of the more historic surfing towns are like Salt Creek Beach, this beach in the later 1950’s is where locals would come to display their modern boards for the time and any new skills they may have learned and pass it off to others within the surfing community. The Cardiff Reef and Blacks Beach gives way to some unreal barrels to ride with three peak points. When not surfing the waters take a drive and enjoy the scenery stop by the Oceanside Pier and visit the surf center, also there are famous surf museums to educate yourself on the surfing evolution and history. Before concluding your surf trip end up in Jolla Shores here you will see all level surf levels together and a mix of wave types and once you’ve reached this spot you would have covered all South Cali has to offer its’ surfing followers. By SL Member Mari D.


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