On June 13th through the 17th is the Surfing America USA Surfing Championships in Oceanside, CA and will be held at the Oceanside Harbor. The competitions run daily from 8am until 5pm, this event bring surfers from around the country to compete. The competition is divided into divisions such as; long board, SUP and adaptive, the event is hosted and sponsored by Surfing America, Inc. Surfing America strives to engage young surfers into the surfing sport by giving them the techniques and skill to grow in competitive success in body boarding, surfing and surf riding. The Surf America along with other organizations such as the Western Surfing Association, National Scholastic Surfing Association, Hawaiian Surfing Association, Eastern Surfing Association and Atlantic Surfing Association host and put together surf championship events and create a team that that competes internationally on a larger scale. The International Surfing Association is recognized by the International Olympic Committee. By: Mari Dmowski


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