Are you a teenager who loves surfing and wants to experience an overnight surfing camp this summer? The WB is offering teen overnight surf camps on a weekly basis through the summer the cost is $1695 and the group ages range from 11 to 17 years old. The overnight camp is located in Wilmington, NC right on its beautiful beaches, and includes all accommodations with ocean views, all meals, t-shirt, sea turtle donation, shuttle service to and from the airport and 24 hour adult same gender supervision. Since surfing is a subculture within a culture itself, teens will be taught by professional surf instructors the correct surfing etiquette both in and out of the water, perfecting their current surf level ability and preparing and moving you up the next surf level. The overnight camp has surfers from different states and countries in attendance so it will be quite interesting to see and hear stories from other surfers. Aside from actually surfing in the water teens will learn about surf photography, waves, board creation and more. For enrollment information visit wbsurfcamp.com.


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