This surf organization is made of ordinary people who are also surfers, the Surf Rider members are protect and preserve our ocean and beaches. They have local chapters and clubs throughout the USA and the groups focus on keeping the pollution out of our ocean waters and beaches so we can all enjoy the waters for decades to come. Surfers get together and get their voices heard even with political issues that arise with the oceans waters, they are the oceans activist and advocates in a sense. According to the organizations website todays “oceans face growing challenges from pollution, offshore development and climate change”, Surf Rider Foundation. Another factor that doesn’t help our beaches is the growing expansion of communities, industries and oil drilling. Surf riders try to prevent beach closures and coastal erosion and keep plastics out of our surfing waves. If you are a beach lover or surfer and would like to join this network of surfers in their efforts to ensure a nice coastline and give back for future generations visit



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