How to Prevent and Cure Cramps in Surfing


While the surfing is up, it is the time when we devote the majority of our day in the waters. 1 hour, 2 hours, sometimes even a whole day we invest in the waters and have real fun. However, for most of us, there comes that particular time when in the water we start to cramp. It might be just the calf muscle, or maybe the hamstring, or perhaps the lower back beginning to spasm.

What exactly are some typical solutions to stay away from it in the future?

In case cramping goes on, it is strongly recommended to see a medical professional instantly! The remedies listed here are actually “quick” fixes and might not be ideal for all instances of cramping.

It is suggested to consume a minimum of one gallon of drinking water the night before. It will counter the level of sweat loss to help keep the muscles hydrated in advance. Nevertheless, it doesn’t imply that you don’t continue to hydrate yourself during the day. This simply provides you with that extra edge to remain within the “cramp free zone.”

Additional cures will be boosting sodium intake. A simple recipe which counters dehydration throughout a session will be as follows: Take 10 sugar-free Kool-Aid packets (fruit punch, grape or lemonade tastes best). Blend the 10 packets along with 8 cups of glucose and 2 tablespoons of common salt and shake for mixing equally in a big container. Add 1 scoop to 25 ounces of water and now you have got a very tasty, dehydration free beverage to drink throughout lengthy sessions.

And finally, while cramping in the waters throughout a session, ride to the coastline and be seated in a peaceful state not exerting pressure on the muscle tissue(s) which are cramping. Stretch out the muscle or maybe massage it deeply. In case the muscle does run up and down the leg just like the hamstring, then you should rub the muscle tissue thoroughly. If at all possible, chew on 1 Tums anti-acid pill and put one more half pill underneath your tongue and allow to dissolve. This certainly will allow you to get back to the waters without delay.


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