Believe it or not surfers can get hurt doing what they enjoy the most surfing, prevention is key especially for the common injuries such as eye injury while eyes you can put a soft nose guard of the tip of your board. Shoulder strain is another common injury because of all usage they endure, which can result in pain and tendinitis and good way to avoid this is stretching prior to heading out into the water a good ten to fifteen minute body stretch will prepare the body. Cuts are also a very common injury surfers obtain and wearing booties can help prevent cuts on feet there are many sharp edges on coral reef and rocks. Sunburns are another common injury this can be avoided with lots of sunblock and not just one layer of it reapply it frequently when you exit the water before reentering again. Sprains and muscle pains are also a common injury for these unavoidable injuries wraps and compresses are helpful. Sea lice is common among surfers it is a parasite that live in warm waters they leave a rash and have a stinging sensation to avoid this use wear a full body wetsuits or apply Safe Sea protection lotion.



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