Summertime is right around the corner and a good option to keeping the kids active during the season is to enroll them in a surfing camp. Kids will be in water having fun, some camps are daily and some are overnight camps these cost a little more but include all food, snacks, drinks and accommodations. Most overnight camps are from Monday to Friday, they can be found all throughout the USA and there are international surf camps abroad as well. At the camps kids will learn surfing basics, surf safety, ocean awareness, surf etiquette this is a big one for all surfers to know so everyone can have a chance at the waves and be safe in the process. Kids will have a chance to learn proper paddling techniques,turning techniques, wave selection and more. Overnight is the same but at night there are many other activities watching surfing movies and games, ping pong, surfboard ding repair demonstrations, basketball and more. Visit wbsurfcamp.com



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