Reef and wreck fishing is a popular way to fish down in the Florida Keys, there are many charter boats specializing in these types of fishing excursions available to the public. Visitors from all over come to the Florida Keys for the tropical climate, warm people and best salt water fishing. Some of the typical fish found around the reefs are snapper, cobia, barracuda, wahoo and more. In the Keys many of the reef and wreck fishing charters will clean and store your catch so you can take it to a local restaurant and have them cook it up for you. This is very popular in the Keys to bring your own fresh caught fish in with you to a restaurant. Restaurants here offer a variety of ways to cook up your fresh catch i.e. blackened, grilled, jerk, cajun, broiled, breaded or simply plain salt and pepper with some fresh lemon on the side, choice is yours. In the Keys there are quite a few ship wrecks off the coast and many diving enthusiats are astonished at the views but fishermen also take advantage of the wrecks because certain deep water fish species have made it their home. By: Mari Dmowski SL Outdoors


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