There are many different types of tuna species in the oceans waters such as the bullet tuna, bluefin tuna and yellow tuna. In the FL, Keys you can catch Black fin tuna year around local captains have said, the larger ones are here in the spring. Jigs, live bait and swimming plugs have been recommended to catch tuna. Yellow fin tuna is abundant in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, they are powerful swimmers and have some pretty colors on their skin. The yellow fish are faster in growing up than the bluefin tuna, the yellow fin has a yellow mark or line like on its sides. Tunas are highly sought after world wide especially in the Asian culture, but tunas spawn and lay millions of eggs so they are not endangered or in any type of shortage among the chain of species. However there is the National Marine Fisheries Service responsible to implement IICAT regulations a minimum of 27 inches is the allowed size for all U.S. Atlantic fisheries. Both commercial and recreational fisheries abide by these standards for the yellow fin tuna.



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