Amongst all the varying styles of fishing one technique that you don’t see everyday is balloon fishing. The manufacturer of the original balloon fishing clip, Balloon Fisher King developed a kit that can be used in all types of fishing and in both fresh and salt water fishing. According to the manufacturer the purpose of the balloon is to serve as a float and to add exact bait depth control. The balloons are easy to attach to the line and remove in seconds as well, they are reusable also. While there are other floats on available they tend to be big and bobbers are not especially environmentally safe whereas the balloon are made of latex trees and won’t harm the environment. According to the manufacturer these balloons help anglers control the baits depth whether it’s alive or dead. The kits are for specific fish in saltwater they are used for mackerel, sailfish, shark, cobia, tuna, tarpon, wahoo, swordfish and others. In fresh water they can be used to catch muskie, walleye, pike, catfish, bass and hybrids.


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