Goggle eyes are a great bait to catch many fish including sailfish, kingfish, tuna and mahi mahi to name a few. The goggle eyes can be expensive if purchased at a bait shop but you can catch your own goggle eye baits also to bring down the costs. If you plan on catching your own bait here are a few things anglers have recommended knowing and doing. Goggle eyes typically swim in schools so that is a plus but they feed at night so night fishing is inevitable, although during the day they can be found around reefs especially here in Florida. Goggle eyes are highly sought after by fishermen because the bait is hearty and they can live a relatively long time in a live well if properly taken care of. To catch them spread some chum around your boat to attract them the cast out a colorful sabiki rig, a fish finder also helps with the process. Goggle eyes should be handled as little as possible and it is recommended to use a de-hooker to remove them once caught. Goggle eyes sam in deep waters between 200 and 500 feet in depth at night in the very early morning around 4 or 5 am fishermen have rerouted catching them in shallow waters around the reefs. Goggle eyes sell for around $100 dollars for a dozen a bait shop so catching them yourself while not easy and time consuming might be well worth it if you are an avid fisherman.


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