The fish species Mahi-mahi is also known as the dolphin fish or dorado, ironically they are not related to the actual dolphin species at all according to Wikipedia. The Mahi-mahi live in salt water in tropical and subtropical climates with warm waters, these fish spawn most of the year and are highly sought after for their excellent tasting flesh. Many gourmet chef and restaurants in the southeaster states offer Mahi-mahi in many forms grilled, cajun, deep batter fried, blackened and more, they are usually sold at market prices. Mahi-mahi is considered a sport fish for many anglers you can catch these fish using a variety of fishing techniques whether trolling, fly fishing even kiting. The Mahi-mahi is blue, green and yellow in color they can grow to be quite large in length and weight and have been recorded as traveling 50 mph, the recommended bait to hook them is squid or ballyhoo or a fly lure. In Florida you can hop aboard a charter boat specializing in Mahi-mahi sport fishing and they will clean and package your catch for you to take home.


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