This shark is part of the Sphyrnidae family of sharks, this in particular species is unique in itself as it is the only shark species that has a head shaped like a hammer. The hammerhead swim alone and feed at night as they are nocturnal but congregate in schools throughout the day. The hammerhead species can be found all throughout the world they like warmer waters along the coastline according to Wikipedia. The hammer head shark can grow very large in size and weight from 3’ to above 20’ long and can weigh from 3 to 580 kg or 6.6 to 1,278.7 lb. The sharks are generally grey in color but can have some green tint hues as well, the hammerhead has very good sensory receptors because of the way its built so they can see or sense food right away in its surroundings. The hammerhead feed on octopus, fish, squids even sting rays, they tend to prey on food that is at the bottom of ocean’s floor. If you are interested in catching a hammerhead sharks you can find a shark charter boat that specialize in only that fish species, they are fully equipped with rods, reels and tackle choose to charter out at night when the sharks do their most feeding.



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