Keeping Florida the Fishing Capital of the World


Keeping Florida the Fishing Capital of the World

The state of Florida has a large variety of sport fishing species , from largemouth bass in mostly all of fresh water, to sailfish offshore and redfish along shorelines. The International Game Fish Association proves the records, anglers keep coming here to fish and beat, more than anywhere else
in the country. The best thing is , that the Sunshine State offers great fishing year round.

What should I do to help sustain the resource?

You need to learn the rules that apply to your fishing area and species you are catching . All regulation summaries can be find a tackle shop or learn more on the website : Please be gentle with fish that you can`t legally keep or simply don’t wish to keep , by using wet hands, release them as quick as possible. Circle and barbless hooks, will improve survival of released fish. Please , pick up trash if you see it. Bottles, cans, fishing lines and all plastic in general should be recycled. If you are on the boat, keep your oil and gasoline out of the water . Keep your anchor, prop or wake from damaging aquatic animals, plants or the shoreline. Maintain your boat and trailer clean of any vegetation , that will prevent establishing non native plants. Do not move fish between bodies of water, relocating fish might spread diseases and can also cause other detrimental impact. Try to fish for different species , such as bream and catfish in fresh water or in salt water mackerel and seatrout. Fishing in new areas you help prevent overcrowding and overfishing problems.


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