How to Keep your Reels Working


Once you are done fishing it is important to rinse your reel in freshwater very important if you were fishing in salty waters, if you can’t rinse the reel right away pack extra bottles of water with you on the fishing trip to rinse that way at least until you get to a hose. When using the hose to rinse the reel make sure to use low pressure because high pressure could cause structual damage to the reel. Upon completion of throughly rinsing the reel remove the spool and remove any standing water and let everything air dry. When you’re fishing season is over and you are ready to store the reel away for a couple of months, clean it one more time and take the line and the backing and wash it with soapy warm water and dry the parts with a warm cloth. Soaking the parts is not necessary as this can rust the reel before storing it grease it up according to the manufacturers instructions and this is how to properly store your gear this will ensure they will be ready once the new fishing season has begun.



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