The musky fish is also known as the muskellunge is a large fish species that is mainly found in the Great Lakes in the U.S.A. they look like pike fish and is part of that fish species. The musky fish concentrate in clear waters that have vegetation, weeds and rocks and they eat a variety of fish but also frogs, snakes, mice and small mammals according to the Wikipedia website. In certain states such as Wisconsin the musky fish is known as a trophy fish among fishermen, the season for catching these fish is from the end of May to Dec. depending on the state your in. While many anglers use different techniques for catching these fish here are some of the different methods used; artificial lures work well, a large net, trolling works well in deep waters or in open bodies of water. It is recommended to use the catch and release technique simply because while not endangered do not multiply as quickly as other fish species. Keep in mind these fish have very sharp teeth so the handling of the fish one should be cautious.


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