Crappie can be found in lakes and streams that tend to be clear and slow flowing throughout the U.S., they put up a mild fight but have white flaky flesh which is tasty. There are two types of crappie fish species one is white and the other is black in color and have spots throughout their skin they are found in mild to warm water temps. The young crappie eat insects and the they tend to congregate in loose opened schools. Most anglers recommend fishing with a pole or a light to medium weight rod and reel. Crappies are typically not very large and don’t weigh much, they are part of the sunfish and close related to the bass fish species. Crappies are generally in season all year around ideal for a spare of the moment fishing trip. The crappies go after minnow so hook a minnow on the line cast out and the swimming minnow will do the rest of the job for you. If the crappies are concentrated in deeper waters a beetle spin is recommended by some anglers to lure the crappie out of the deep waters or vegetation beds.


Crappie can be found in fresh water and their two kinds of crappie species the white and the black crappie. The crappie feed on insects and smaller fisher they tend to fed at dusk and dawn heading closer to shallower waters. During the day they are in deeper waters and tend to concentrate around weeds and objects in the water like logs or big rocks. There are different techniques to catching these fish they are found in North America they are in lakes and ponds fly fishermen catch them and during the winter months they can be caught be ice fishing. Anglers can use different types of baits like spinnerbaits, crank baits or live minnow and many other forms. The crappie fish usually hand around in schools together it is recommended to keep the fishing lines as tight as possible while fishing as they are said to have thin lips and if the bite isn’t hooked on good it will tear. Crappies put up a good fight and are usually found in up to six feet of water depth so a depth detector is ideal to have.


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