How to Catch Goliath Grouper in the Keys


Learning how to catch a jewfish In Key west grouper sounds difficult but it can be very simple. Fishing for jewfish is very fun because of its hard fight. If you have never heard of jewfish or goliath grouper, or have never seen one, they are part of the grouper family and can reach very large sizes and can even swallow sharks. Since it is illegal to keep a jewfish, most anglers catch and release and are satisfied with the fight it produces.

The right fishing tackle is essential when trying to catch a jewfish In Key west or anywhere in the keys. Since jewfish are giant, you will need quality tackle also a sturdy fishing rod and reel. Most people use conventional reels because of the better quality drag. Because jewfish are in the same family as the grouper the same techniques can be used and are often caught by anglers targeting keeper grouper. Most anglers fish off the bottom for jewfish or they will attract them closer to the boat by cutting up fish. Anglers like to use at least eighty-pound fishing line due to the sheer power that a jewfish has. You will need lots of line if your drag is not tough enough since jewfish can get very large and like to escape back to the wreck, they take a while to wear out. You can expect for them to take out a lot of line if you don’t have the right tackle. You will need a large sturdy hook as many anglers have lost these fish because of bent hooks. If you use a fishing hook that’s not tough enough then it is likely to bend, and you will sadly lose your fish especially when you went through a back breaking fight. For your fishing sinker, you will need enough lead to reach where the grouper are hiding.

Most importantly after you have prepared the right tackle for these giant fish you will need to find the right spot to fish. We would suggest that you hire a guide before spending a bunch of time looking for spots but if you are not interested in doing that jewfish like a lot of structure and can be found near bridges and they love any large live fish mostly live jacks.



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