There are many different types of kayaks on the market today and some are geared towards just recreational use while others are meant more for fishing. Kayaks are for one or two people and the gear they have with them, prices can range from a couple of hundreds to a couple thousand. Kayaks come in a variety of colors and patterns including camouflage etc. Kayak fishing has grown in especially in Florida. In 2014, the nations first ever winner of a kayak sailfish tournament was Chris Thomas in Pompano Beach, FL according One can buy separate roofs for kayaking to have some shade while fishing on them fishing kayaks come with rod holders and storage compartment for bait and tackle. Kayak anglers have better access to different waters both inshore and for offshore fishing. Kayak fishermen still have to wear the safety floating device or a fishing vest that comes equipped with it and pockets to hold tackle or lures etc. kayaks can be purchase at sporting goods stores and marine shops locally.


Kayak have been around for years mainly being used as a water sport or to take a leisure ride down a lake, stream or river. However, nowadays the kayak industry has focused on fishermen and how kayaks can help fishermen reach bodies of water or areas around main bodies of water that are not accessible by a regular motorized boat. The manufacturers have turned their attention to the kayak design and details to accommodate the today’s angler with rod holders and all. While fishing in kayaks is becoming more and more popular here are some tips to keep in mind, always wear a life vest that fits you snug as we all know kayaks can tip over. According to Eric Jackson of Wired 2 Fish bring the fish as close to the sides of the kayak is a good idea as to not lean over with all your weight then have a net handy to carry it into the kayak. Also before launching your kayak you want to be sure the kayak is set up and you know where everything is and is readily accessible such as bait, pliers and paddles etc.


Buying a canoe can be expensive so if you are handy with basic carpentry and are handy with tools building your own customized canoe is possible. One can make canoes out of various types of wood including plywood, mahogany, cedar and others depending on how durable you want if or for how long. Parents for years have been building canoes with their kids as a time to connect and build something together. The wood should be cut to the shape and size of the canoe, you will need fasteners, wood plugs or cable ties, you will need resin and fibre tape to seal the fasteners, edging for the top of the canoe, varnish and some people use adhesive vinyl to give it an extra layer on the outside generally a high gloss vinyl that is waterproof durable holds up well. In just a couple weekends the canoe will be completed and ready to be put on the water for use. The wider you make the canoe the better as it helps with stability and gives more room canoes are great to use in lakes and shallow waters and are a good form of exercise, canoes have been used for centuries in different parts of the world as a means of travel or transporting of goods.



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