The Orvis Fly Fishing School in Traverse City, Michigan on Lake Michigan is where students will learn casting techniques, proper fly selection, knot tying, the correct way to catch and release fish and how to intrepid the body of water for current water conditions. The instruction is done both in a classroom setting and hands on in the open outdoors. The students will fly fish in different bodies of waters including streams and rivers this way the students can understand the difference and the different fish species that can be caught in different waters. The students will also get educated on aquatic entomology and tackle, demonstrations on dry flies, nymphs and streamers. The school has one and two full days of fly fishing learning available which includes the learning materials, tackle, lunch and fishing license. The fee for these instructional days are as follows one day course $279 and two days are $489 according to the schools website visit www.streamsideorvis.com for more information.


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