Every year the state has a week of fishing and water activities from June 3-11 this week is named National Fishing and Boating week.  This special week offers fishermen both young and old to celebrate fishing and the fishing lifestyle.  During this week many events are held such as Free Fishing Days which is where in every state during this period angler can fish without having a valid fishing permit or license.  During this special week young or aspiring anglers have the opportunity to learn to fish or just improve their game.  Fishermen will have access to videos from the pros that provide guidance for tying a knot, casting and technique help.  Throughout many states during this fishing week, fishermen can find how to clinic, derbies, fishing festivals and more.  Experienced and professional fishermen often participate mentoring children, the events are held in your local areas are family friendly and just fishing with a longtime friend or relative can make for a good bonding and fishing experience.


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