Don’t know what to do with the kids this summer how about something that be fun, exciting, relaxing, informative and educational all wrapped up into one activity, it’s fishing. All throughout the U.S.A you can find summer programs for kids be it soccer or ballet but have you ever thought about fishing? Fishing is a good way for children to connect with and appreciate nature all while having fun. There are overnight fishing camps as well as daily fishing camps just a matter of preference and age groups. At Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp kids enjoy guided fishing with captains everyday, marine biology lessons from wildlife biologists, instruction on cast netting and knot tying, boating safety classes by FWC officers and more. There learn about different types of fishing like fly fishing and shore fishing, inshore and offshore fishing, fishing techniques and tackle rigging. The kids will learn about water conservation and Eco-protection and many other valuable life lessons that will keep their ears and eyes open visit there website for more details By: Mari Dmowski


Summer is quickly approaching and what to do with the kiddies most parents wonder, how about fishing camp? Throughout the US you can find kids fishing camps during the summer for both daily fishing camp or overnight fishing camps. Most fishing camps teach children different tips and techniques about fishing such as how to tie different knots, bait their hook safely, rod casting and net casting for live bait catching, learn about the different fish species in fresh and saltwater. Some fishing camps teach the kids about the surrounding eco system and conservation preservation. The camps supply the fishing equipment such as rods and reels, bait, some camps have crab traps for the kids so each day the kids can go out on the boat to see what they caught in their trap super exciting for kids to see what they pull up out of the water in their trap. Fishing camps range from different ages and pre-registration is generally required. Fishing camps will generally always have fishing tournaments and award trophies or prizes to the students. By: Mari Dmowski


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