On June 10th, 2017 is Idaho’s Free Fishing Day in, Idaho this is an annual event held every June for anglers of all ages for those with or without fishing license. Idaho has an abundance of lakes, rivers and streams throughout the state so it is an ideal place to have an fishing day for all to enjoy. The fishing event discusses seasons and fishing rules and regulations, find out about chinook fishing, steelhead fishing, ice fishing, fish stocking and more. On hand at the event will be fish and game personnel and volunteers to answers questions and help first time fishermen give it a whirl. Free rods and reel will be available at the event first come first serve if you have your own fishing rod and reel bring it along. In the waters you can find many different game fish species from white sturgeon, trout, catfish, kokanee, salmon, bass and steelhead to name a few. Any other day of the year anglers need a fishing license, proper gear and knowledge of the rules and regulations this event really promotes fishing among the youth and inexperienced anglers.


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