Fishing cooler can be bought for boats, trucks, camping you name it they come in many different sizes and colors. Some standard coolers come with a plug, made easy for draining the water out once the ice has melted and making for lighter carrying. You can also store you fish in insulated fish bags these are lightweight, durable and can fold up and be stored easily, it is really all a matter of personal preference. Both cooler types are washable and get the job done the standard cooler is made out of hard plastic and the insulated bags are made of foam and nylon. Coolers can be bought at most retailers and sport or fishing goods stores. Coolers range in prices and the all foam coolers are probably the cheapest but break easily these are good for single or maybe a few uses then discard them. Cooler prices vary depending on size and thickness from around $20 to a couple of hundred dollars. You can choose from different cooler features such as on wheels or luggage like handle or a backpack carry straps etc.


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