Eating good tonight Barracuda maybe not


Fisherman enjoy catching barracuda fish as they are fast and put up a good fight however, they should be avoided for human consumption. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) barracudas are at risk of contracting and passing along ciguatera fish poison this is likely because barracudas are generally big in size and congregate around reefs. The poison is a substance called ciguatoxin and can be found in deeper waters around certain algae that breed and harvest the toxin. The main type of organism it comes from is called dinoflagellate, keep in mind that barracudas are carnivores and don’t eat marine vegetation however, the smaller fish the barracudas enjoy do. This type of food chain is how the fish poisoning occurs some of the fish barracuda eat are tuna, herring and anchovies, the larger the barracuda is the higher the chances it has the poison. While the ciguatoxin doesn’t harm the barracuda it self those eating barracuda can become quite ill experiencing headaches, prolonged vomiting, nerve tingling and other symptoms may persist.


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