While there are all types of fishing poles on the market today varying for freshwater, fly fishing, ice fishing, salt water, portable rods any many others, you can also opt to build your own custom rod. If you enjoy building, creating and assembling than building your own rod might be worth wild for you. Rods do need to be replaced with time, but if you have the time building your own signature rod might be ideal. Anglers can pick up whatever parts and details they might need either online or and a sport fishing shop. You will still need to know what size rod you are most comfortable with whether it be a 5’ or longer, what waters you will be using it in and what you will be trying to catch. Anglers can also purchase kits that come in a few different colors and are fairly reasonable to speed up the process kits usually run around $40 and up. Here is a list of some name brand fishing rod kits; CRB, MHX, American Tackle Co., Spec-Ops, St. Croix, X-Camo and many others check retailers for specials on kits and bundles.



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