In every fishermen’s tackle box one will always find the favorite lucky lure that caught your first fish or maybe the biggest fish yet but every bass angler should also have a variety of lures in his tackle box. When fishing for bass fish here are some of the recommended lures by mystery tackle box by Catch that one should always have on hand. The traditional soft plastic stick bait, it looks like a chubby worm they are very versatile and most fish species eat worms. The second must have lure is the finesse worm this is a more refined thin worm compared to the stick bait worm. Number three is the jig these lures can be cast, plopped, dragged, flipped and more fish are attracted to its erractic behavior. The crank bait is is good to use for vibrations in the water and noise, the spinnerbait is a bait that irritates the bass fish they are loud and have vibrant hues. Number six is the square bill this lure is also good in shallow waters catching big bass, the deep diving crank great for deep water bass fishing and comes with an extended long bill. Number eight is the frog lure can be put on a Lilly pad to rest or submerged under a dock or between rocks. The topwater walking bait these fish give the illusion that they are struggling to stay alive and lay on top of the water a little wiggle and bass come. The number ten spot of lures all anglers should have in their tackle box is, the jerk bait they are thin and just jerk the fishing line for the full effect.

Many people want to try their hand at fishing but do not have access to the equipment or gear simply because of there location, resources or situation. The Tackle Share program in Ontario, Canada makes this dream a realty for many, the program was started in 1998 and has been a huge success for recreational fishermen of all ages. The fishing program works like a library simply register and check out your rod, reel and tackle then return it by the due date. There are plenty of loaner sites 140 throughout the country simply find the closest location near you. The locations sites include parks, public libraries, conservation authorities, and community organizations. There is also the Traveling TackleShare Program which, has personnel that provide new anglers with educational workshops, introductory fishing lessons on both fishing techniques and marine habitats and water safety. Here are some of the professional business sponsors of these wonderful programs; Lucky Strike Bait, Ontario Parks, Shimano, Rapala, Plano, Walmart, KTL and many more. By: Mari Dmowski


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