Florida is a tourist destination because of its’ sun and fun we are also known as one of the seafood capitals with fresh fish, lobster and other shellfish. In Florida there are fishing seasons for different fish species and the same goes for Lobsters according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife. The regular lobster season is eight months long from August 6th through March 31 with a mini two day season in the month of July and it falls on the last Wednesday and Thursday of the month. According to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, it takes lobsters about two years to grow to three inches which is the legal harvesting size and can grow to be quite large around 15 lb. plus. This is why there are rules and regulations to protect the lobsters reproduction and existence for future generations to enjoy. Lobster live in tropical and subtropical waters but Florida is home to a unique species of lobster called the “Spiny Lobster” which is sought after a lot here and brings in an annual value of $20 million to the state. By: Mari Dmowski SL Outdoors


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