Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown Fishing Tournament is a three part event Leg I is from January 17-20, Leg II is from February 28-March 3 and Leg III is from March 21-24th.  The tournament is in Marina Village, Costa Rica, at the Los Suenos Beach Club.  To participate in this contest you can pay each entry separately each Leg is $10,300 to enter or $20,900 for all three.  The fishing hours are from 8am until 4pm boats must return to the marina by 7pm and anglers must submit their scorecards to the tournament committee.  According to the rules boats can have a maximum of five anglers each additional angler will be $500.  No live bait is allowed for use in this tournament only dead baits and lures may be used.  The hooks required for use in this competition are tournament legal non offset circle hooks and J hooks for all non-baited lures.  All Sailfish catches and releases should be radioed in, photographed with date and time visible.  A total of three top winners will be chosen and awarded trophies and cash prizes will be distributed as follows; 1st place gets 50% of cad, 2nd place 30% and 3rd place 20% and is all based on the number of entries.



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