2018 Division 4 Fishing Tournament

The Angler’s Dream presents the 2018 Division 4 Fishing Tournament on Lake Calumet/Lake Michigan.  The entry fee is $140 and includes a 1st and 2nd place Big Bass winners.  Over 75% of the entry fees will be payback at the Ramp.  Fishermen wanting to be eligible for the Championship with a 1st place prize of $10,000 should participate in at least five tournaments as a team.  All fishing tournaments are launched from the Waterfront Pub in Burnham, IL.  The lake forecast is closely watched before any tournament and if there is a small craft warning or advisories as deemed unsafe then Lake Michigan will be off limits until further weather conditions improve.  If participating in any Anglers Dream tournaments always be mindful to check advisories.  According to the rules a life vest must be worn when the engine is on and all boat must have a kill switch to be eligible.  Only artificial lures can be used and all rods must be a maximum of 8’ long.  Sponsors include Line & Lure, Bass Pro Shops, Accents, Midwest Outdoors, Bass Unlimited and others.

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