On October 8, is the Fall Trout Cup Challenge in Erie, PA at the Sloppy Duck the entry fee is $250 per two person teams. For this fishing tournament the specific fishing species is Steelhead, Brown Trout and Salmon you must register by Friday Oct. 6th at 4pm to participate. The tournament is presented by the EPSFA a local fishing association that partners with other fishing groups and organization around Lake erie. The EPSFA organizes fishing events throughout the year in and around the community both on professional and beginner fishing levels. The EPSFA promotes fishing communities to communicate on forums or at meetings to engage in marine and environmental conservation efforts and works with local & state government agencies to keep the lakes well stocked with trout and other fish species during the fishing seasons. Fishermen, marine businesses or manufacturers can become a member of this association on a yearly or every three years for a small fee visit there website for details at epsfa.com.


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