Yellowfin Boats


This fishing boat company was started back in the early 1990’s by a native Miami born and raised resident named Mr. Wylie Nagler. His long time friend Mr. Dean Maggio was also a Miami native and was interested in incorporating his experience with large motors. So the two of them encompassed and embraced their ideas and made them a reality, Wylie designed a hull and vessel that would go above and beyond any other offshore fishing boat including Speed, Fuel Efficiency and Performance!! Yellow Fin is to date the best and most sought out after offshore fishing boat on todays’ market. Yellow Fin uses only the highest quality construction and pays close attention to detail, while there are different styles and sizes of Yellowfin available to choose from here are some of them. The 17’ Skiff this boat is ideal for the fly fisherman to the bait fisherman, the poling stability and resistant wind conditions are paramount, the boat can hold weight up to 600 lbs. with a fuel capacity of 22 gallons. If you are looking for something a little bit larger the 21 Hybrid might be right up your alley, with high performance accelerates like a rocket straight to the top smooth in any compete ion or condition fuel capacity is 50 gallons and weight max is 2,525 lbs. In between is your 24 Bay CE and the 26 Hybrid, if your looking for a mid size fishing boat. If your looking for an offshore vessel the 29 Offshore has plenty of storage space and a light tackle fishing platform with a 225 gallon fuel capacity and weight max of 7,400 lbs. There is also your mid to large fishing boats 32 Offshore to 39 Offshore. Looking for something yet a little bit bigger the 42 Offshore is one of their largest models and uses very little fuel it can put a small diesel inboard to shame, has all the comforts of a family boat for a quick getaway, an excursion or a tournament competition the maximum weight is 15,000 lbs. and a fuel capacity of 571 gallons. Yellow fin boats can be custom ordered and they sell factory direct offering warranty’s and service centers throughout the country and abroad with factory trained technicians to address all your service needs!!


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