The solution to your fading boat paint.


Are you not going out on the boat anymore because of your embarrassing faded boat paint? We have you covered, we will wrap your boat and you won’t have to worry about that buffing and waxing bill every 6 months. Our 3M vinyl lasts up to 5 years without any issues and its also much cheaper than paint. Call us today at 954-942-3171 and don’t forget to mention to save $200 instantly.

No more of this:

buffing is your marine wrap specialist, since 1998. We provide the following services, boat graphics, color change, lettering, custom decals & signage. We have been producing custom work for boats & yachts and the entire marina industry for many years. Our designers along with our experienced installers provide quality custom work for the marine industry. Marine design services: we make custom Drawn Vector Illustration or Photoshop Design Logo and text for your boat or yacht. We can design on all sides of your boat even the back in any size. also offers boat wraps for all types of boats, fishing boats, leisure boats, inboard or outboard, flat boats, sailboats all boat types big or small. If you have a boat you have been thinking about painting because it is either oxidized or you just want a color change, we are the company for you. While painting a boat can be costly and timely. A 3M boat wrap is a less expensive alternative to painting and will hold up to the natural outdoor elements better than painting. A boat wrap installation usually takes between 2-3 days so by the weekend you’ll be back on the water. Do you want more than just a color change, customize your wrap with your personalized boat name or maybe a picture of your favorite fish, hobby or loved one or any other image you have in mind.boat wraps


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