This unique boat model incorporates different features from different shallow water vessels on the market today, this vessel unlike other boats has a low horsepower outboard most models on the market have super high powered horsepower. This boat is made for one person, very lightweight and below the seat you will find a storage compartment that can hold dry objects securely. There is also a fishing rod storage tube holder that can hold rods for fly fishing up to 9ft long or smaller. There is also plenty of space to bring along your own separate cooler for beverages etc. Since this boat was considered and designed, with shallow waters in mind the engine has a great feature for navigating into extremely shallow waters where the angler is able to raise the motor up completely out of the water safely and securely and literally be in inches of water. The specifications for the boat are; length 15’ 5”, beam is 3’ 5”, dry weight with engine is 130 pounds, max HP is 5, the average price of this boat is starting at $2,500.



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