In today’s marine market industry there are three different types of battery types available for marine boats and they are the Flooded battery, gel Battery and the Absorbed Glass Mat Battery. The Flooded battery is the most well known and most often used primarily because they are the least expensive. The flooded batteries or also known as wet batteries require vigolence of the electrolyte levels and regular charging. These batteries use lead plates and vent electrolytes through the vents this is way the levels should be monitored. Gel batteries are sealed so nothing escapes the jelly is inside of the battery the construction of these batteries is said to be stronger but not recommended for high amps in a boat. The AGM batteries are the newest on the market sometimes referred to as the hybrid battery, these batteries have fiberglass between the plate and wrappers keeping the elctrolytes secure. In turn this requires the battery to charge faster in less the time of others, since none of the liquid is exposed or can leak out or escape there is less mess when changing it.


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